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*Authorized Gibson Warranty Service Center


We strongly believe that 95% of instruments, new or used, can benefit significantly from a full setup. Our setups include: cleaning/conditioning fretboard, removing fret varnish/polishing, tightening/lubrication of tuning machines, truss rod adjustment, checking/adjusting nut height, action adjustment, intonation, pot/jack/switch cleaning, pickup balancing, and more! 



Fret dressing, crown and polishing, partial and full refrets for all wire sizes. Pricing varies dependent on fretboard material, binding, and finish. 



Whether it's time to upgrade your stock guts, desire custom wiring, or require true copper shielding, we offer professional results at competitive pricing. Our techs have years of experience in customization, coil-tapping, phase-switching, active electronics, etc.


Hardware Installation

We can help you install replacement or aftermarket hardware for your instruments.  In our experience, most replacement hardware (e.g. tuners, bridges, tailpieces, pickguards, surrounds, etc.) require fitting for best results. Routing, reaming, plugging and tapping, or modification; we have the know-how to make your upgrades a reality. 



Acoustic instruments are the most prone to cracking and glue separations. It is best to address these types of repairs sooner, rather than later, to ensure the best results.  Repairing splits and cracks, bridge re-glues, bone nut/saddle fabrication, brace repair, binding repair, neck resets and pickguard installation are services we provide for acoustic instruments, new or vintage. 


Pickup Installation

We are proud dealers for Seymour Duncan, Lollar Pickups, DiMarzio, Lindy Fralin, TV Jones, EMG, and LR Baggs.     



Alongside our painter, we can offer factory quality finishing solutions. Touchups, buffing, partial and full reshoots available. 

Custom Builds/Jobs

There is something special about designing and building a guitar from scratch.  We love to be apart of your project; from beginning to end, or just one aspect of the build, we can help.


Amp Repair

All tube and solid-state amplifier repairs are sent out to experienced technicians.  Effect pedal repair is also available! 

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